13th AOMC Annual Scientific Meeting and 20th PNA Midyear Convention

Abstract Submission Guideline

  1. Abstracts are primarily submitted for POSTER presentation only. However, two (2) outstanding papers (clinical and basic) will be chosen from all submissions and will be required to PRESENT IN A PLENARY SESSION during the congress.
  2. Abstracts must be submitted online on or before JUNE 30, 2017 . The online submission will close at 12:00 GMT on July 1, 2017.  Abstracts should be submitted at the official congress website: http://www.asna2017.com.
  3. Research output presented in other conferences in the last FIVE (5) years may be submitted.
  4. Research papers that have been previously published will NOT be accepted.
  5. Abstracts submitted by post, fax, email will NOT be accepted.
  6. Multiple copies of the abstract is not allowed.

Notification of receipt and acceptance

  1. An email confirmation of the acceptance and receipt of the abstract shall be sent to the main author within 2 weeks after the secretariat has received your abstract.
  2. It is advised that you contact the  secretariat if the primary  author has not received the confirmation email.

Presentation at the Congress

  1. For each abstract at least one author is expected to attend the congress. The presenting author must register to the congress.
  2. Only those abstracts with at least one presenting author who has registered and  signified attendance will be scheduled for presentation and will be included in the congress programme.
  3. The author shall reserve the right to the final format of his poster presentation.

Preparing the abstract for presentation

The abstracts should adhere to the following guidelines. Abstracts should follow a STRUCTURED layout with the following parts:

  1. Aim : background and specific objective of the study
  2. Methods: description of methods used
  3. Results: summary of the results
  4. Conclusions: conclusions reached

Abstract title: limited to less than THIRTY (30) words
Abstract text: limited to TWO HUNDRED FIFTY (250) words
Tables: a maximum of FIVE (5) tables will be included, that contain AT MOST 10 rows and 10 columns
Graphs and images: a maximum of 3 images may be included
Abbreviations: Only standard abbreviations are acceptable
Language: all abstracts must be presented and submitted in the ENGLISH language

Declaration of consent for publication

Upon submitting the abstract, the authors agree to the following:

I confirm that I previewed the abstract and all the information are correct and accurate.

I consent to the  publication of the abstract at the congress website, programmes and other congress promotional materials